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Friday, March 26, 2010

Tips for healthy living

Life is full of hope and opportunities. We must have a healthy mind and body to achieve what we want for our lives. How can we have a healthy mind and body? We must embrace healthy living in order to have good health.

What is healthy living? Healthy living is a life style that is characterized by eating well, resting well, socializing well and exercising well. Living healthily will lead us to good mental and physical health.

How to achieve a healthy living? We have to make the right choices in order to live and stay healthy. Below are some simple ways to keep us healthy:

1. Embrace good eating habit and eat a balance diet

We need energy to start our day. Therefore, food is very important to us. However, excessive eating may lead to bad health conditions and obesity. Hence, it is important to shape a good eating habit. It is important to eat the right amount of food at regular time. We must not skip breakfast though some of us might think breakfast is unimportant. We must not eat too much junk food and do not over eat before going to bed. We must get into the habit of eating some fruits every day. We must curb our loving on deep fried food and eat more stewed or steamed food.

A balanced diet that comprising of grain, vegetables, fruit, meat, and dairy product is very important to us. Grain and vegetables are a good source for carbohydrates and fiber. Carbohydrates provide us with energy to conduct physical activities whereas fiber improves our digestion. Meat is a good source for protein. We need protein to grow and to repair our tissues. Our health will be in jeopardy if we are not eating a balance diet.

2. Embrace healthy drinking habit

A healthy drinking habit is important in order to maintain our health. We must drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. We must reduce the amount of drinking on unhealthy beverages such as alcohol, coffee, tea and soft drink. Excessive drinking of alcohol will lead to liver problem. It also causes us to lose control of ourselves when we are drunk. Excessive drinking of coffee or tea will cause us to have sleeping problem because caffeine in coffee or tea will make us awake. When we drink soft drink like coca cola, sprit, etc., we are actually drinking sugar water. A large amount of intake of sugar will lead to obesity and it is bad for our teeth.

3. Do exercise regularly

Exercising is another important factor to maintain good health. No matter how busy and how lazy we are, we must allocate some time to do exercise. A 15 minutes regular exercise of each day will make a different in our lives. The right amount of exercise will reduce stress and give us energy. Sometimes even a little stretching or a short walk will help.

However, we must avoid excessive exercising. Excessive exercising not only leave us physically exhausted, short of breathe but also bad to our bodies. It may lead to pain and muscle torn in some parts of our bodies.

4. Get rid of bad habits and cultivate good habits

Smoking, drinking alcohol, taking drug, and gambling are just a few bad habits that we should get rid of in order to stay healthy. Bad habits not only bad for our health, they also lead to other problems such as financial, emotional and social problems.

We must cultivate good habit such as sleeping on time and have healthy hobbies such as reading, hiking, singing, etc. Good habits and healthy hobbies will lead to success in lives.

5. Maintain personal hygiene and a clean and peaceful living environment

We must maintain personal hygiene in order to have good health. We must bath at least once a day to keep ourselves clean. Washing hands regularly especially after we use the washrooms and before eating is a good habit that we should practise.

In addition, we have to ensure that our living environment is clean and tidy. A living environment that is clean will give us quality of life. We will not be exposed to toxin and germ and this will keep us from illness. A peaceful living environment will enable to rest well.

6. Get the right amount of rest or sleep

Our bodies and mind will be exhausted after a full day’s work or activities. Sleep enables us to rest our bodies and mind. In addition, sleep replenishes our energy; therefore it is important to have enough sleep daily. An adult should have at least 8 hours of quality sleep whereas a child below the age of 12 should have at least 10 hours sleep.

7. Socializing with family members and friends

In pursuing our busy life, we must not forget to socialize with our family members and friends. A loving family and a circle of good friends that are supportive will make us happy. A sense of belonging and love is important to our mental and emotional health.

A healthy mind and body enable us to live our lives to the fullest, therefore, we must embrace healthy living.

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