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Friday, March 12, 2010

Simple Living

Over the years we have invented a lot of things to make our lives easier and for pleasure. As our society becomes more affluence, we have also became more materialistic. Being expose to so many things, we are tempted to consume more. For some people, owning things reflect their status quo, for them they feel richer with more things they own. However, over consumption may lead to wastage. It may also creates more debts for some of us. Our valuable time is tighted up by pursuing things. In contrast, simple living may allow us to live more fruitfully. Simple living frees us from busyness, disorganisation, stress and debts.

What is simple living? Simple living is a lifestyle characterised by consuming things that are necessary to sustain our living. Simple living is a choice, a voluntary choice and it is not living simple due to proverty. Therefore, simple living can also be referred as "Voluntary simplicity".

How to pursue simple living?

1. Embracing 'simple living' mind-set

The first step towards simple living is to have a positive thinking on simple living.  If we have positive thinking on simple living, we should be able to comprehend the benefits that simple living will bring and make it as a goal to be followed in our daily lives.   We should embrace "less is more" mind-set.

2. Freeing our home from stuff

Our home is the first place where we start practicing simple living.  Therefore, we should take steps to declutter our home.  When our home is full of stuff, there is  tendency to be disorganised.  It will be stressful and uncomfortable to live in a messy and untidy home, hence do not hesitate to free our home from unnecessary stuff.  We can donate excessive clothing, books and electrical appliances to the needy in our communities.  We can also sell our clothing and electrical appliances to second hand shops and donate our books to the libraries. Decluttering not only frees our home from stuff but also benefits others.  Therefore, we should constantly look for ways to declutter our home.

3. Embracing technology

We can now read free online newspapers, storing our photos in the Computer, watching free movies online, downloading free music online and etc.   The advance of technology brings convenience to our lives and makes our lives more simple.   By reading newspapers online, we do not have to buy newspapers, it makes our home paperless and by storing photos in the Computer, we do not have to buy photos albums, this will save storage space.  

However, embracing technology does not mean that we have to constantly pursuing new technology.  Some of us may get rid of our existing mobile phones whenever there is a new model in the market.  This will lead to wastage.  Therefore, in embracing technology to make our lives more simple, we should limit ourselves to the technology that will bring convenience to our lives, make our lives more environmental friendly and yet not creating wastage.

4. Curbing spending and eliminating excessive buying

Simple living also means living below our means and buy only the necessaties.   Excessive buying not only leads us to debts, it also leaves our home full of stuff.  We should re-use things and constantly look for ways to re-cycle things.

Simple living is a simple life but yet abundance. Simple living is a good life and if you wish to live simply, start embracing it today by taking a small step each day.

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