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Friday, April 9, 2010

How to motivate ourselves

Our life is not always smooth sailing. There are bound to be some setbacks and some hindrance along the way. It is important for us to stay motivated to overcome all the barriers in order to achieve our goals in lives and live happily. People will have the desire to achieve success if they are motivated. Therefore, motivation is important for success.

How to overcome the feeling of defeat, regain confidence and stay motivated whenever we stumble and fall?

(1) Clear direction of what we want

It is important for us to understand what we really want to achieve in our lives. Our desires will serve as impetus that will move us forward. If our desires for something are strong, the more we will be motivated. Therefore, we need to figure out what we really interested in.

(2) Read inspiration materials

We can motivate ourselves by reading some materials such as motivational books, biography, success stories, blogs, etc. By reading the biography of a successful person, we can gain an insight into the experiences of him/her. He/she will be a role model to us. He/She will inspire us.

(3) Surround ourselves with positive people

Make an effort to be friend with people with positive mindset. We will be happier and more optimistic when people who are positive and love lives surround us. We can feel their joy. They will influence our thinking. Our friends can set good example for us to live our lives positively.

(4) Look at the positive side of every negative situation

We have to believe that there is always a positive side for every negative situation for example if your spouse is out of job, the family income may be dwindled but your spouse will have more time to spend with the children and to bond with them. It may also be the time for your spouse to venture into his/her own business if he/she has some capital. We have to understand that there may be blessing in disguise for every negative situation.

(5) Be gratitude

Practice gratitude every day. We have to be grateful for what we have. Be gratitude to god, our spouse, children, parents and friends. If we are gratitude, we will feel that our lives are meaningful even when we are facing some setbacks.

(6) Do not compare yourself with others

Each person is unique in his/her own way. Understand our strength and know our limitation. Stop comparing ourselves with others. We will be happier if we stop comparing with others. Work towards our strength and take steps to overcome our weakness.

(7) Do not be afraid of failure

We have to see failure as small setback in our lives rather than total disaster. Do not be afraid for making mistakes and understand that we can always learn from mistakes. Always look for alternative ways in achieving our goals. If this way is not working, try other ways. Understand that failure is the mother of success and believe that through persistency we will be able to succeed.

(8) Take critic constructively

Be positive and take people’s comment constructively. If we can take critic constructively, we will not feel upset or humiliated with people’s comment. Rather than feeling upset, we will be motivated to improve ourselves to achieve better result.

(9) Reward yourself

Remember to reward ourselves whenever we achieve our goals. Give ourselves a pat on the back; this will further motivate us to achieve other goals in our lives.

Knowing ourselves and knowing how to keep ourselves motivated will enable us to achieve our goals in life. Our lives will be more fulfilling and meaningful.

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